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FASTag Scam

The FASTag Scam

FASTag is an electronic toll collection system in India. The mode of operation of the scam is quite complicated…


Credit card rewards point fraud!

While reward points are good for credit card users, they are also used to scam people..

Identity theft

Identity Theft: All you need to know!

The threat of identity theft is increasingly felt all over the world and the crime rate is at an…

Fake iPhone delivered.

Delhi resident claims to get a clone of the iPhone 11 via Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale.

Amazon and Flipkart have been a constant…

What is Pyramid Schemes

Pyramid schemes: A sketchy scam!

The Pyramid scheme is a type of fraudulent business model where the participants make money…

What is Ponzi Schemes

Ponzi Schemes: A scheme that you should stay away from!

The scheme leads the investors to believe that their profit is…

SBI Whatsapp scam

Latest WhatsApp scam! SBI issues warning.

In a recent case The State Bank of India (SBI), issued a warning that…

E-SIM Fraud

Decoded: All new e-SIM fraud. Everything you need to know!

This latest scam can empty your account within minutes by…

NIL Website scam

NIL scam website exposed!

In this article we are going to uncover the truth behind the scam website…