Delhi resident claims to get a clone of the iPhone 11 via Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale.

Fake iPhone delivered.

Amid the ongoing spree of online festival sales on the e-commerce giants, one man from Delhi has claimed to have gotten a fake or a clone version of the year-old iPhone 11 from’s Great Indian Festival Sale.

Amazon and Flipkart have been a constant sources of online fraud in the past when people never got what they ordered. This has led to loss of trust on these e-commerce giants as people are constantly worried about their hard-earned money until they receive exactly what they have ordered.

Clone of iPhone 11 delivered via Amazon India

As per the claim, a Youtuber going by the name of “Raph” ordered an iPhone 11 (64GB) via the recent Great Indian Festival Sale on the website. But to his surprise, when he received the package and unboxed it, he was shocked as there was a fake iPhone 11 within.

The YouTuber’s title is Raph and he has made many movies on it and is giving constant updates on it. The good thing that he did was to record the original unboxing of the received product which has made his claim even stronger.

When he began to unbox the iPhone, he noticed that the packaging was not genuine and the plastic on it was scratched and full of fingerprints. According to the video, plastic packing was already half torn. Instead of the 64GB variant(that he ordered), he got a 256GB variant which is nearly 2/3rd more costly than the 64GB variant. Once the box was opened, it had the iPhone that had two tempered glass screen gaurd pre-applied on the screen and a plastic film at the back, which showed a different smartphone branding of KK Concept.

Upon booting the device, generally, you are treated with a first-time setup screen which guides you through to set up your device for the first time. But in this case, Raph was directly taken to the home screen with a different wallpaper, the one nowhere near to the Apple wallpapers. Moreover, the phone had pre-installed apps that are generally not present on a newly bought iPhone. The phone had pre-installed Tik-Tok Lite and Facebook apps.

This is a clear indication of the phone being a fake/clone copy of the original one and has been used prior as well probably by some another buyer before. Additionally, the phone had scratches on the rear camera module as well as the volume buttons.

Following this whole issue, a return request was made. However, the delivery person denied pick-up as according to the video, “It was a clone device and not a damaged one“. A police complaint has also been registered but there is no word how the situation is being tackled.

In the video, Raph also showed the rude behaviour of Amazon representatives with a police officer after the summon was sent by the police incharge.

How to safely shop on

To ensure you get exactly what you order from these e-commerce websites, some basic precautions are required to make that happen:

Check your Seller’s Feedback: Always check a seller’s feedback history before you order an item from them. This is the most important indicator of their overall quality and will give you information about the quality of their products, the speed and quality of their dispatch and delivery and their willingness to resolve transaction disputes.

Prime Fulfilled: A Fulfilled by Amazon item, identified by the logo, indicates Products are stored, packed, and dispatched by Amazon. A free replacement is available if the item qualifies. (For more details, please refer: About Free Replacements). Amazon handles all customer service.

Registered Sellers: Always try to purchase your product through verified sellers such as Appario Retail or Cloudtail.

Do Not Share Personal Information: will never e-mail or call you to ask you to disclose or verify your password, credit card or bank-account number, or any other personal information. If you are contacted or receive an unsolicited e-mail which asks you any of this information, disregard the request and report the incident to for investigation.

Always Pay Via Amazon Marketplace: Marketplace is safe, secure and guaranteed. It provides you with a convenient method of payment and is the only authorised and recognised form of payment on You should never pay for a Marketplace item outside of the site.

Check the reviews of the product on the product page: Always check the reviews of the product that you are buying. Anything suspicious about the product or any previous victim(if any) leave the reviews of the product and the seller in the review section of the product.

Protect your Passwords: Keep your passwords private; anybody who knows your password may access your account. Avoid using the same password for multiple online accounts.

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