Is “Drone Prathap” Fraud? Facts check.

Is Drone Prathap fraud?. Facts Checked!

The social media went all praising when a 23 year old Prathap N M, claimed that he has made 600 functional drones purely out of E-waste such as, old mixer-grinders. He became a hero across Karnataka.

Popular channels penned down this coverage, all praising this young scientist who had won top level awards in Germany, japan and other countries. He claimed he had been invited to 87 countries and has participated in numerous numbers of science exhibition to showcase his drones. He also claimed that he has won 1st prize at a drone competition in Japan.

The fame went to another level when a popular actor Jaggesh invited Prathap on Colors TV show, and spoke about his achievements. Many channels then picked on this news and painted a larger than life picture of his achievements. Prathap, claimed to have overcome impossible odds in his journey.

A disillusioned Jaggesh later said, “he learnt a big lesson at the age of 56“.

Although, this fame was short lived when he was asked to produce his drones to the public. Following an interview with BTSNews on July 16, the inconsistencies about his achievements further grew.

Facts Check :

We at Satark Bharat believe that his claim of producing 600 functional drones out of E-waste is False, when he can’t even answer simple physics questions of Drag and Lift. There are further supporting evidences discussed below.

In the interview with BTSNews, when asked about the photographs showing his self-made drones, Prathap took out his phone and showed a photograph where he is seen posing with a drone.

Later, a German based company, BillzEye, owned by Bill Gutbier issued a statement on his company’s webiste where he stated that the drone seen in photo showed by Prathap was built by BillzEye and exhibited at CEBIT 2018, Hanover Exhibition Centre.

Fake Engineer Prathap (Source:

All drones that were exhibited on the pedestals of my booth, especially the “BETH-01” with Mr. Prathap shown in the picture, are the property of “BillzEye – Multicoptersysteme”! Mr. Prathap has nothing to do with the design, development, manufacture or distribution of this drone. He is not an employee, cooperation partner or shareholder of “BillzEye – Multicoptersysteme”. This drone, which is the focus of his photo, was specially designed, constructed and manufactured by Bill Gutbier . All of this can be demonstrated using many documents, CAD files and photos.

Statement by Billzeye

According to the statement, during exhibition prathap had asked questions about the drone like the range of the drone and its effects, to which Gutbier answered. According to Gutbier, Prathap then requested if he can take a photo of the booth and the drone ” BETH-01″

BillzEye booth 2018 CEBIT Hannover (Source:

Also, they said,

Mr. Prathap wrongly claims that the drone shown on the TV show “BTv Live Show” on his smartphone belongs to him or was built by him! That is a false statement! Mr. Prathap had only taken a photo at CEBIT 2018 in Hanover. If He says otherwise, it is a lie!

Statement by Billzeye

Earlier Prathap had claimed that, it was at the CEBIT 2018 held in Germany, where he was awarded “Albert Einstein Innovation Gold Medal”.

No such mention of “Albert Einstein Innovation award” is present on the internet. Reports have only mentioned that he had won them. Also, the CEBIT innovation award is given to companies and research groups and not individuals.

Another photo shared by Prathap on his Instagram account, shows him posing beside a drone he claims to be his own creation.

Prathap posing beside a drone(property of ACSL). (Source:

The image clearly shows the ACSL logo, which is a Japan based drone company. Furter, when a reddit user contacted ACSL COO Satoshi Washiya referring the above image and asking about Prathap, Satoshi replied,

We regret to inform you that Prathap N M has never been involved in any of our product development. In fact we were not aware of him until you have emailed us.

Below is the image attached by the reddit user

In conclusion, there is no evidence of drone scientist Prathap NM making any drone, winning any award and medal. The awards and medals he has won do not exist in reality. All stories about him on various websites are based on other websites carrying the same. There are several loopholes in claims in regard to his achievements, and most importantly, his claim is remarkably similar to the story of another drone boy – OPIndia

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