Fake call letter Recruitment Scam.

Call Letter Scam

Dear Aspirant,

Often the words that many of us associate with good news. But only little of us know that they can also bring fear. Fake job portals and rackets are a booming business in this country, assisted by the shrinking jobs in the private sector and the public sector as well, and recently by the Pandemic Covid19. In this article, we’ll be analyzing a fake call letter scam on various parameters, and we’ll be giving some important tips along the way on how to stay away from these scams.

Fraudsters posing as L&T

Scammers posing as MNCs and well-known organizations trick young and desperate aspirants into fake scams offering non-existent jobs through various means. So we’ll be analyzing their means by dividing the analysis into parts.

Red Flags

When you get a job offer via mail or SMS be sure to check for the following Red Flags

  1. Fake looking URL/Unofficial mail
  2. Simple Spelling and Grammatical Mistakes and lack of well-framed sentences
  3. The demand of Payment to appear for the interview
  4. Fake looking Digital Stamp/Sign with name and number of the Recruiter
  5. The profile doesn’t match your skills

Now analyzing the call letter we find our first mistake in the second line. It states “Hope you doing well”. This is not a well-framed sentence. Moving on we find the second red flag in the second line of second para “hiring for our new & upcoming project at urgent basis”. Here one thing to note is that these scammers try to create urgency in our minds by using such words. A scam document will always be filled with words like “apply now”, “limited positions available”, “last date” etc. Beware and read the whole document with a calm mind. In the next line, it is stated that “we have found your resume through some random recruitment site”. Huge MNCs do not have spare time to search for potential candidates on some random recruitment sites. This is just the fifth line of the letter and we’re already suspicious of the authenticity. “Sr HR Manager shortlist your resume” is another badly framed sentence.

Here they have mentioned some random code which does not mean anything. Also, they have not mentioned the profile for which they are recruiting, this is also a red flag.

For most recruitment scammers, online job portals are a great place to find vulnerable aspirants, as the data is readily available on these websites if you register as a Recruiter. Once they select potential candidates, mass mails/SMS are sent to the candidates throughout the country. The candidates are then redirected to a fake recruitment website such as above. Here they are asked to deposit money, to appear for an interview.

Here they explain the non-existent recruitment process. Often the salary mentioned in the scams is way higher, as compared to what is offered in real life, also they did not mention other variables which constitute the salary of an esteemed organization. Looking for mistakes we find “confirmation from your hand“, is a badly framed sentence.

This is the meat of the scam, the biggest red flag. In the beginning, we find a big spelling mistake, and upon further reading, a badly framed sentence, “APPLICAYION”. They are asking to deposit a “refundable” amount of 5969 plus 18% GST. NEVER GIVE MONEY TO APPEAR IN AN INTERVIEW, No matter how right or appealing it seems Do not give money. No organization/company/job portal will ask money from you to appear in an interview or hire you. Beware!!!. Scammers will give various reasons to demand money but keep calm and reject the document. Also mentioned, “if not appeared, the company will incur huge loss“. This is not true.

Reading further we find more errors and badly framed sentences such as “After deposit“, “let us knows“, “record of yours payment for money“, “The selected candidate visit to company office”. Here they have mentioned a contact number for Mr. Abhishek. It is recommended that you give them a call to ask for more details that is if your call ever connects. We tried calling them and this is what we found,

True Caller Screenshot

Searching the number on true caller always helps. The second part of the report consists of some measures and habits that you should have. Whenever you suspect a scam document there are certain things that you should always check,

  1. Careers page of the concerned organization.
  2. Is it the official URL of the organization,
  3. Is it the official Email account of the organization, etc…

Visit the official Career page of the organization

The call letter scammers here, are posing as L&T so it is always recommended that you apply through this link https://www.larsentoubro.com/corporate/careers/. This is the official careers page of Larsen and Toubro. Every vacancy and new job positions are posted here on a regular basis. This is not just for L&T, every organization has an official careers page on their website where job seekers can regularly visit for the latest guidelines and recent openings. Most companies advertise new job positions on their official website. So, instead of replying to suspicious emails and SMS, go to the career page of the company and apply directly. In the case of job portals make sure you are routing your resumes via the original sites and not the link provided in the mail/SMS.

Check for the Official URL of the organization

If you are receiving any communication regarding a job position in your dream company be sure to check the URL of the company whether it is the official address or not. In this particular scam the fraudsters are using a free blog service, Blogger. We can know this by the URL received in the communication https://call1letter-information.blogspot.com/. This is a red flag as it is not the official URL address of L&T.

The Official address of L&T is https://www.larsentoubro.com/

Check for the Official Email of the organization

Beware if the mail you receive is from a free e-mail address. Scammers use a free email address to send bulk emails to job seekers. It is always a good practice to read the mail completely to check for red flags mentioned above. Never proceed to the URL provided in the mails if you feel it is suspicious, visit the official website to confirm it. You can check for the list of official emails of the concerned organization from their website. Another thing to cross-check the authenticity of the email is that you can call up the organization on their registered landline number. Check if the person who has mailed you exists, and if the organization has a vacancy for the post or job that you have applied for. Conduct proper research before believing the contents of the email.

Google it..!

If you feel suspicious about the call letter then don’t shy away to search about it on Google, you’ll definitely find multiple articles regarding the scam. About this particular scam, we have multiple articles on various websites. Click here to read them.

Report it

Lastly, you can report the scam to the authorities and also on the website’s Report a Scam page so that we can write on it.

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