NIL scam website exposed!

NIL Website scam

The internet is a place that is full of websites that are fraudulent, fake, or a scam. This is a sad reality of this century. With the evolution of the internet in various aspects of our life such as shopping, banking, jobs, our interaction with people, has made our life easier and a lot more advanced. But at the same time, it has also given way to various risks like phishing, banking scams, identity theft, etc, which can possibly ruin your life.

In this article, we are going to uncover the truth behind the scam website, which is scamming young unaware engineers/college pass-outs/aspirants who are desperately looking for a secure job in a PSU(Public Sector Unit). The above-mentioned fraud website is up and running for a long time now, without any fears of getting caught by the authorities. will be referred as NIL(Navratna India Limited) for the rest of the article.

We knew that NIL(Navratna India Limited) is a fraud website but to prove, we had to dig deep. So we decided to go through the complete website, read it word by word and cross-check every information that is mentioned on the website. The findings will be labeled as Red flags further in the article.

Red Flags

We started with the first thing, that is their logo. In their logo, it is mentioned that NIL is a Navratna Company. What is a Navratna company? The Government of India categorized Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) under three categories, Maharatna, Navratna, and Miniratna. The categorization is based on factors such as turnover, net worth, and net profit on the annual basis and the presence of the companies in the stock exchange as per Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). As of 2020, there are 10 Maharatna companies and 14 Navratna companies. Listing all 14 Navratna companies below:

1.Bharat Electronics Limited
2. Container Corporation of India Limited
3. Engineers India Limited
4. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
5. Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited
6. National Aluminium Company Limited
7. NBCC (India) Limited
8. NMDC Limited
9. NLC India Limited
10. Oil India Limited
11. Power Finance Corporation Limited
12. Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited
13. Rural Electrification Corporation Limited
14. Shipping Corporation of India Limited

So, as the website claims, it needs to be one of the 14 Navratna companies, but as we can clearly see that there is no mention of NIL (Navratna India Limited) in the table above. This was our first proof.

If you want to know about a company in-depth, on their website, what better way to start from the “about us” page. So, we started from the about us page and it is here that we start to see some irregularities. First of all, in this day and age, there is hardly any Government/popular website that doesn’t maintain it’s social media account, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, where they post about their developments on a regular basis. But on NIL, there was no mention of any social media accounts, not even a Twitter account. The only thing that was mentioned here was Share on Facebook and Share on Twitter. We looked at the HTML code below these elements on the page by inspecting it and we found out that these were not even links. Even if you click on these, they just lead you back to the same page.

Now, if we take a look at the “about us” landing page, there are several links (words in blue) under each category, to our amazement, they were also non-functional. These are just empty links with no URL behind them, clicking on them will lead back to the same page.

Going deeper, we go into the “Corporate information” section of the fraud website. Here we find a contradicting point, in the image above you can see that NIL was established in the year 1965 (under History and Evolution), but on the corporate information page (right), it is mentioned that NIL was established in the year 2009. This is a major red flag. 

Reading further, we find, it is mentioned that, (according to the fraud website) “NIL has a wholly owned subsidiary, Certification Engineers International Limited (CEIL)“. So, to confirm this information we visited the official website of Certification Engineers International Limited (CEIL), and guess what we found there, “THE TRUTH“. According to CEIL, CEIL is a wholly owned subsidiary of Engineers India Limited (EIL).

So this is another red flag. We would like to add here that, to any unaware person, this website might seem perfectly fine, and he would not hesitate, even for a minute, and believe this to be a genuine website. It’s because scammers have put in some effort to create this fake website for long term purposes, and the amount of data on this website is also playing a major role in disguising its true identityBut where did all this data come from? Most of the scammers are not intelligent enough to imagine a fake company and makeup all this information. It has to be a copy of some original website?

It did not take us long to find out the original website. As mentioned earlier, CEIL is a subsidiary of EIL, so when we visited the official website of Engineers India Limited, we found out that,

the fraud website (NIL) is a complete copy of (Engineers India Limited).


We’ll show you by comparing various sections of both the websites side by side just to show you that the amount of work these scammers have put in, or, maybe not! Starting by the “about us/profile” section.

Left: EIL, Right: Fraud website NIL. Slide the slider right/left to see both images and compare the content written in it.

Analyzing the “Track Record” section, what we notice is that, most of the numbers are copied as it is, except some. For eg: 73 instead of 80, 37 instead of 38. Also, you might have noticed that EIL is mentioned in the fake website. Most of us will never find this irregularity, even if this is in plain sight. This just goes on to show the laziness of the scammers.

Left: EIL, Right: Fraud website NIL. Slide the slider right/left to see both images and compare the content written in it.

Similarly, all other pages are copied. Let’s take a look at the “Leadership” section of these websites. On the original website, as you can see each member of the board is displayed with an appropriate profile picture and a little bit of career history(if you click on the picture) of the person. But on the other hand, on the fake website, there is no profile picture of the board members, just descriptions about unknown people. 

Left: EIL, Right: Fraud website NIL. Slide the slider right/left to see both images and compare the content written in it.


Everything that we saw until now was just showoff. You cannot call this a fraud website based on the facts presented to this point. So let us move on to the section where we prove that this is a fraud website. One thing that is common in every scam is that the victim loses his/her money and does not get what he was promised by the advertisement. In this case, victims(Aspirants/students/job seekers) are promised a job in a PSU.

Modus operandi

The way that this website scams people off their money is by asking them to deposit a registration fee/application fee of Rs 1000/- for a fake non-existing entrance examination for engineering students of various streams such as Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, etc.

Looking at the present situation of unemployment in the country, the aspirants are desperate and are willing to do anything for a job, and this fraud website makes use of this vulnerability of the unemployed youth. This particular issue of demanding money is addressed on the official website of Engineers India Limited. Below is an official statement issued by EIL.

They have clearly mentioned that EIL does not demand money for the recruitment of employees in EIL and all it’s recruitment details are either advertised in national dailies/Employment News or uploaded on the official website

Now, if we look further into the website’s “career page” we will see that they have advertised two types of openings,

  1. Junior Engineer Trainee
  2. Diploma Trainee

To apply for either of the openings, the person has to pay Rs 1000. Also, they have advertised a fake number of vacancies(1600). There is a certain amount of vacancies reserved for each branch of engineering like :

  1. Mechanical : 230 Nos
  2. Civil : 220 Nos
  3. Electrical : 240 Nos
  4. Electronics : 230 Nos…etc

Of Course, these are fake vacancies, but they have tried their best to replicate an original recruitment notification, and one funny thing to note here is that these vacancies have not changed since this website’s inception.

After this, they give you a long list of instructions about their fake recruitment process via an online examination where you will be tested in four different categories, i. Reasoning, ii. Mathematics, iii. Technical Knowledge of Concerned Discipline, and iv. English. Once again they mention and try to remind you about the payment of application fee, on this page.

After this you are redirected to the “Fakest looking application form” in the history of Internet.

Going with the fake theme of this website, this form does not disappoint. Just to make it clear, it is not necessary to fill in any of your details correctly. We were able to submit the form by filling this information:

  1. Name : a
  2. Date of birth : 25/08/2020
  3. Email Id :
  4. Mobile No : 1

Even if you leave the rest of the fields vacant, you will be able to proceed further.

Next, you will be redirected to the payment gateway where you will be asked to deposit Rs 1000/- to some unknown account. In this case, the payment gateway that they were using was of ““, and the ID that the scammers were using was “support_90c0d

Instamojo Gateway after submitting the form

As soon as we noticed that the scammers were using the gateway of a well-known organization, I had to do something, so that the payment gateway can be closed and no further scamming of innocent people can happen.

We wrote an email to It is mentioned on the support page of their website. They were kind enough to revert back within 24 hours. The mail :

The impact of this e-mail reflected on the ,scam website NIL as took this seriously and closed the payment gateway immediately. And as for the scammers, we can only imagine. Below is a screenshot of the scam website NIL, a day after the mail was sent

The scammers have closed the link to the application form as their payment gateway was gone, and we checked the link of the gateway, it is non-functional as of 26/08/2020. But we are also aware that the scammers will try to restart the scamming process by using other gateways such as PayTm, so it is strictly advised that “Do not proceed with the payment process on this website” as there is a risk that you might give your sensitive information to these scammers. Beware!

Watch our YouTube video on this scam.


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